Health Care and Tiebout Sorting: Someone Please Look at Massachusetts

Very thin posting these days because, well because I've been trying to get real papers out and preparing for the upcoming ASSA meetings in Chicago.  I'll try to post something about at least one of my presentations there in the next few days.

Anyway, amid debate about Obamacare, Romneycare, and how Newt has felt about Romneycare both past and present, I think it would be interesting if someone were to take a closer look at how Romney's health care bill in Massachusetts has affected migration to and from the state, as well as real estate prices, wages and unemployment.  This would seem to be a perfect application of modern empirical sorting models. The change in the law in Massachusetts would seem be a reasonably viable, if imperfect, natural experiment for the Northeastern corridor.

It's not my area and there's no chance I'll get to anything like this in the next decade.  But if no one is doing this right now, someone should, preferably before the general election gets underway next year.


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