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Agricultural Economics gets Politico

Update:  For the record, I'm actually not against Federal crop insurance.  Like Obamacare, I generally favor it.  But the subsidies are surely much larger than they need to be for maximum efficiency.  And I think premiums could likely be better matched to risk, and that such adjustments would be good for both taxpayers and  the environment . Wow.  Frumpy agricultural economics goes Politico ! Actually, it's kind of strange to see a supposedly scandalous article in Politico in which you know almost every person mentioned.  At issue is the federal crop insurance program.  The program has been around a long time, but its scope and size--the range crops and livestock insurable under the program and the degree to which taxpayers subsidize premiums--have grown tremendously over the last 20 years.  And the latest farm bill expands the program and its subsidies to grand new heights. Nearly all the agricultural economists I know regard the crop insurance program (aka O