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Land Prices

Apologies for the radio silence.  At this point, I probably don't have many followers.  Life has been busy: a move to Hawaii, buying a home, adopting a child, a lot of teaching, new collaborations and meetings with a new joint appointment, editor and associate editor duties, and I'm probably juggling too many research projects.  It seems like research should be the first priority.  But it's so hard to get to it.  Thankfully, I have excellent collaborators and students to work with. My colleagues over at G-FEED are doing a better job with regular postings. Anyhow, there's a nice article in the New York Times about farmland prices.  The article suggests (as do most NYT articles on land values) that it's just another bubble.  Since we've had a couple bubbles in relatively recent memory, now everything's a bubble. I'm not so sure.  There is a lot that's different about farmland values as compared to houses.  For one, we don't have quite the s