I Think We're Turning Japanese

The Vapors came three decades too soon...


  1. Dear Dr. Roberts,

    It seems we are turning something…I am not sure what…regardless…early 80s rock is the best.

    Completely unrelated…

    The USDA crop forecast was reduced today. The USDA corn-crop estimate was reduced by 4.1%, soybean harvest by 5.2%, and spring-wheat harvest by 5.2% below what it predicted in July.

    Also found this news report from Southwest Farm Press on the harvest in Texas interesting…to quote the news report…(full version here: http://southwestfarmpress.com/grains/texas-corn-hard-hit-droughtheat)

    Peter Hill, an agronomist with Pioneer Hi-Bred, says “it’s been a fascinating year for an agronomist to watch hybrid corn under stress.”

    It’s been less fascinating for growers, he said during a field day stop at a TAWC demonstration project. The 2011 corn crop has grown under extreme drought and heat conditions, with more than 35 days reaching 100 degrees or more.

    Hill says pollination has been affected, “regardless of water availability,” and that growers can expect to see a lot of lost kernels and less grain fill from the 2011 crop. “Kernels near the tip of the ear may be aborted. We had a very short period for grain fill.”

    I still find it interesting the point about “regardless of water availability” comment.

    Best regards,


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