How are we going to feed the world?

I'm trying out a new trick: embedding power point slides into a blog post.

These are for today's panel discussion for International Education Week.  The topic: 

2- 3:30 PM, Talley North Galler

Here are my slides:


  1. Nice power point. I wish I could've seen the presentation.

    How do you feel about companies such as Monsanto who genetically engineer "suicide" or "self-destruct" genes into their seeds so that they only last one season? I know Monsanto is a huge provider of GM seeds, and in theory it could help avert a global food shortage, but it seems that greed here is winning out.

    Do you think, based on what you know, that this makes a difference?


  2. Michael, I'm posting from France, could I possibly download this presentation in any way ? I find it very useful...
    Thanks for your help, my name is Yves Sciama and my email


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