Ezra Klein on climate change and agriculture

Here's a first for me:  I'm quoted in the Washington Post!  And so is this wee little blog.

Kudos and thanks to Ezra Klein for writing about implications of global warming on crop yields.  The big study by IFPRI was the main focus, as it should have been, but he also wrote a bit about our study.

Two little quibbles:

(1) Our temperature threshold of 84F is actually the optimal temperature for corn.  It gets bad pretty quickly for temperature much hotter than that, but a little hotter is still okay.  Much above 90 is bad, but it depends on how long it stays that hot.  Anyway, I probably could have been clearer about this in my earlier blog posts.

(2) I'm still a lowly assistant professor, not Professor, despite my rapidly advancing age.  You see, I'm new to the academic thing.  Just over a year ago I was a government bureaucrat at the USDA.

But thank you kindly for the exposure Ezra, it's much appreciated.


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