Pushing the limit of solar in Hawai'i

Sorry for the radio silence.  Way too much going on.

However, I am doing a little blogging for UHERO, focusing on Hawai'i's interesting electricity situation.  We have the highest electricity prices in the country, about 3.5 times those on the mainland.  That fact coupled with tax credits and a lot of sunshine has given us more solar penetration, by far, than anyplace in the country.  Most statistics you'll find tend to be a bit dated---there's more penetration here than most people know, and it's pushing the limit of our grid.

Anyhow, below are links to my first two posts about the situation.  More to come soon, I hope.

Is Monopoly a Barrier to Hawai'i's Ascent?

Why are Hawai'i's Electricity Prices So High?


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