Ooops: A big down side to GM crops

It take ingenuity to manufacture a prisoner's dilemma for profit.

I don't think this problem with Roundup-Ready GM crops constitutes a tragic blow to continued growth and development of genetically modified crops.  But this particular variety if GM crops seems to have enriched Monsanto while causing long-term social losses to farmers and everyone else. 

For GM crops to have real potential going forward they are going to need more than herbicide resistance.


  1. What would you consider a "tragic blow" to GMO crops? What do you see as their real potential?

    Patenting and ownership of genes, owning varieties and prosecuting farms where a stray seed has been found (look at the human rights implications of Monsanto's actions in Canada), erosion of genetic diversity, increased pesticide use, potential for contamination - any and especially all of these together seem to me not "tragic blows" but good reasons not to use GMOs.

  2. gmos are vital to feeding an ever expanding population with higher incomes and standards of living (ie, more meat demand), and provide lots of environmental benefits, such as no-till like the article states, less fertilizer use,etc. glyphosate resistant weeds are a serious problem but not one that should shelve gmo crops..rather, further their research


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