Fine scale weather data for the continguous United States

My coauthor Wolfram Schlenker and I are making our fine-scale weather data publicly available for all who want to use it.  These are the data we used in our PNAS study of crop yields.

The raw data files give daily minimum and maximum temperatures and total precipitation on a 2.5x2.5 mile grid for the contiguous United States from 1950-2005. The data set is massive (60GB as zipped files, approximately 300GB unzipped).  We had hoped to post all the data on a website but it's just too big.  Instead, we have put the data onto 8 DVDs and we are happy to ship them to you.  Just send one of us an email.

A website documenting the raw data and how to use them is located here.  The site includes STATA computer code that can be used to transform the raw temperature data into degree day measures with bounds of your own choosing.

We hope many find these data useful.


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