Climate change and sea-level rise in North Carolina

Today I saw Chris Dumas, an old friend from grad school who helped me paint the (sorely-missed) Toyota pickup I had in my Berkeley days. I also had the pleasure of meeting John Whitehead of the famed env-econ blog.

As far as business was concerned: I learned that the way to think about a comprehensive analysis of the potential economic impacts to North Carolina from sea-level rise is to: (1) pretend climate doesn't change at the same time sea-levels rise, even though climate change causes sea-levels to rise; (2) pretend North Carolina is the only place in the world that will be affected by sea-level rise; and (3) pretend prices for everything will stay the same.

I also learned that the first thing that comes to mind to North Carolina agriculture folks when thinking about problems associated with a 4 ft. sea-level rise is encroachment of residential development on agricultural lands.

That is all.


  1. The volume of an icicle is the UPPER has his volume in water. If icicle melts, the level of the sea GOES DOWN. " Climatic warming " = NICKED!


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