Nice places for ag/energy/environment economics workshops

Nick Flores puts out a call:
Dear Colleague,

I write to announce that this year's CU Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop will be held on September 17-18 at the Lionsquare Lodge in Vail, Colorado.  Deadline for abstracts is August 1.  A link to the workshop website which has more information is provided below.  Please pass this announcement on to colleagues and graduate students.
We have our own Camp Resources that is held in nice places too.  This year we're on the beach near Wilmington.  In the odd years we're in the mountains (Asheville).  The quality of the presentations last year (mostly grad. students) was excellent.  This year's program can be found here:

And finally, you may not think of Perry, Iowa as a nice place for a workshop.  But the hotel used for Bioenergy Camp was amazing, and it was a perfect environment for interacting with colleagues in the areas of agriculture and energy.  I loved the tour of the ethanol plant and hearing some perspectives from industry representatives.  Many kudos to Jim Bushnell for organizing this.


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